Howard Shore has composed the music for about a dozen of David Cronenberg's films, including Scanners, Dead Ringers and A History of Violence. But my favorite collaboration between these guys came in 1986's drop-dead heart-stoppingly brilliant The Fly. So successful was this partnership that the old friends recently announced that, along with Placido Domingo, they'll be turning their version of George Langelaan'sThe Fly into an opera. Not just a musical, mind you, but a full-bore (three character) opera piece! What a strange and intriguing idea.

According to The CBC, the trio will have their Fly opera open in Paris on July 1, 2008 before moving over to Los Angeles some time in September. The production will consist of a chorus, a 75-piece orchestra and three characters: a baritone, a tenor and a mezzo-soprano. As a diehard fan of the flick, I'm guessing the ill-fated Seth Brundle is the baritone, his lady love the soprano and the horribly awful Stathis Barnes as the tenor. Too bad I won't be anywhere near Paris next July or Los Angeles next September.
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