Some rumors have such a ring of truth that you're willing to overlook the fact that it's all attributed to the anonymous source of an anonymous source's uncle who heard it from someone else. The rumor AICN is currently peddling -- that Steven Spielberg darling Shia LaBeouf has been cast as the son of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones 4 -- may be one such rumor. I've frankly never understood how this kid keeps getting such high-profile gigs for Dreamworks, but he continues to pile them up. First, he landed a starring role in the much-touted thriller Disturbia, which is coming in April, and then a starring role in Michael Bay's Transformers, coming July 4. All based on what -- his fabulous performance in The Battle of Shaker Heights? Someone (cough, cough) is clearly watching out for this guy.

The Indy-son rumor, which AICN's Drew McWeeny says is coming from some "pretty reliable places," is also being backed up by other sources around the Web that have picked up similar rumblings. I personally hope this is one rumor that gets squashed. If it's true, LaBeouf's role would probably be that of a wise-cracking youngster who drags Grandpa' Jones around by the ear through the whole movie, and that's just not what fans want from the series. And who is the mother? Marion Ravenwood?Kate Capshaw? The blonde Nazi from Last Crusade? Indiana Jones 4 is currently penciled in for a May 22, 2008 release.

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