Like most of you, I'm the world's biggest Simpsons fan. Got all the DVD sets, a few posters, a handful of (yes) toys, a bunch of books ... let's just say Matt Groening's got more than a few pennies out of me over the years. Not that I'm complaining; rare is the TV series that delivers the goods after this many years. (Yep, I'm even a fan of the current Simpsons run!)

So when the first few teasertrailers for The Simpsons Movie left me a little ... underwhelmed, I certainly didn't panic. With more than a dozen of the old-school Simpsons writers on the job, not to mention the reliable hand of David Silverman at the helm, I've felt pretty confident about what the flick will (finally!) look like. And this brand-new theatrical trailer sure does seem to bear me out. The latest promo clip (click "trailer 3") features a few solid laughs, some new and nifty animation tricks, and a wonderful sense of character to it. And by "character," I mean "the trailer gives us a glimpse of all the awesome Springfield characters we know and love." It's official: July 27 can't arrive quickly enough.