Talk of Saw IVwas kicking around the internet before the paint was even dry on Saw III. While it was reported here on Cinematical that David Hackl (production designer on Saw II and III, and second unit director for Saw III) would be directing the new sequel, Fangoria is now telling us otherwise. Leigh Whannell, who has served as writer on all of the franchise entries so far, had a talk with Fango and says Darren Lynn Bousman, who helmed the second and third entries, will direct Saw IV. None can deny that Bousman has worked his way up from the bottom as, prior to his writing and directing credits, IMDB credits him as "Honey Wagon Attendant" on several episodes of The X-Files.

"[Saw director and co-writer James Wan] and I, as executive producers, are still treating it like our baby," says Whannell. "We'll still oversee it. I've definitely been privy to the ideas they've had and the scripts they've been writing, and it's coming along well. I'm actually excited."

I've long since made peace with the fact that the Saw franchise will continue with a fourth installment. Personally, I thought the series had a mediocre start and degenerated into the 'all gore with minimal story' flick that was Saw III. With that in mind, I'm just as surprised as anyone to find myself looking forward to Wan and Wannell's next collaboration -- a more reserved horror movie called Dead Silence -- which Whannell also mentions in the Fangoria interview.
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