The good folks over at CHUD have a nifty little promo going with Universal to coincide with the upcoming DVD release of Children of Men. CHUD readers can submit questions to director Alfonso Cuaron about the film, and he will personally answer three to five of them. I interviewed Cuaron back in December, and, trust me, he is a very passsionate interview subject, speaking eloquently about his film, the filmmaking process, and whatever else conversation may turn to. So turn on those brain cells, head over to CHUD, and toss director Alfonso Cuaron a question he hasn't answered 5,000 times already. Do not submit your questions for Alfonso here -- go to CHUD and enter them there.

Devin and Nick at CHUD both had the film in their top tens, as did James Rocchi, Scott Weinberg and I -- a pretty diverse group of cinematic tastes to be drawn to one film. There's also a nice little discussion on the film in the forums -- a little outdated, but interesting to read. Check it out while you're over there, and toss your own two cents into the mix.

Who do you want to talk to? To which other directors would you most like to be able to submit questions?