Leave it up to those Weinsteins to find a slick way to kick-start a new revenue stream. Folks in the U.S. (and other English-speaking countries) need not worry: The Tarantino / Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse will definitely still be playing as one feature film. (Fans who just got visions of "The Kill Bill Split" can put their swords down now.) Those who live in nations unfamiliar with "grindhouse" movie theaters, however, will be receiving Planet Terror and Death Proof as two separate movies. Oh, and there might be "additional footage" spliced into the overseas versions, material we Region Oners probably won't get to see until DVD time.

reports that many markets will simply take Planet and Proof as regular ol' Weinstein exports, not unlike, say, Scream 3 or Cursed. But since the grindhouse gimmickry will be lost on anyone unfamiliar with the distinctly American sub-genre, it gives Harvey and Bob a good chance to make a few extra nickels on foreign shores. And hey, both movies are being advertised as "feature length" so it's not like anyone's being cheated. As far as I'm concerned, together/separate doesn't matter. I just wanna see the damn movie(s) already. (Oh, and those fake trailers, too. Don't forget those.)
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