To further fuel the fire that started in 2005 when IESB reviewed a script for theMummy 3, there are now reports that the hunt for the younger O'Connell is on. To recap, The Mummy Returns introduced Alex O'Connell, Rick and Evelyn's 10-year-old son. Now, the young boy will be making a return in the sequel, but as a young man. Rumor has it that a hunt is on to find a young, 20-ish star to play the young, poker playing, gun-toting lover boy.

Part of the script has Alex and Rick comparing weapons in snow-covered woods. Rick's gun tastes run old-school, while Alex loves the new machinery, such as the Walther P-38 and the not-yet-released AK-47. According to IGN, this places the tale some time prior to 1947... and after 1938. Regardless, it's at least 10 years after the Mummy Returns, which took place in 1933. While neither Evy or Ardeth Bey are mentioned, Jonathan, Evy's brother, is.

In more specific news, IGN also reports that Rob Cohen was rather loose-lipped about sequel news while at a Q&A in California. According to their source, Cohen said that he is definitely directing the latest sequel, Jet Li will play the Mummy (head of a group of mummies that were the Teracotta Army), it will take place in China and Michelle Yeoh has also been cast. Yoeh's people say that she has not been cast, but they don't seem to have ruled out the possibility. So, there you have it. They're probably traveling to China and are going to take the Indiana Jones route -- delving into the whole father/son dynamic. Hopefully, at the very least, they'll take out most of the Jones rip-offs that IESB mentioned.
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