In November, Chris Ullrich brought news of a possible Edgar Allan Poe project that would be developed by Clive Barker. A family film, Barker's creation will center on a group of teens who try to uncover the truth about the last weeks of Poe's life. (Poe's life has been shrouded in mystery due to the posthumous writing of a grudge-holding man named Rufus Wilmot Griswold.) This twist sounds great and all, but what I'm about to share sounds even better. I am trying to keep my fan-girl excitement in-check, as this isn't set in stone, but IESB has reportedly gotten their hands on a script entitled Forevermore -- it details the last days of Poe, and mixes in his life and his writing into one poetic, dramatic feature.

Said to have been penned by Grant Boucher, visual effects artist-turned-screenwriter, the script details the final moments of Poe's life. (For a few days, after being picked up from the streets, Poe lay in Washington College Hospital before ultimately succumbing to death.) Boucher uses this time to have Poe's life flash before his eyes -- in what is called "Dreamland" -- reliving memories, his writing, his dreams and his nightmares. Poe falls in and out of lucidity as he struggles with his nemesis, The Shadow.

As if that wasn't enough, all of the dialog in the script is written in rhyming couplets, and some scenes are direct adaptations of his writing -- which could just be the best way to incorporate Poe's short stories into cinematic form, without trying to beef them up into features. And to make the potential project even more appealing -- rumor has it that the script has made its way to Johnny Depp, who has not only shown interest in bringing Poe to the screen before, but considers the writer to be one of his favorites. Now we just have to wait and see if this becomes fact or merely hopeful fantasy.
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