We've had some time now to get used to the thought of Daniel Radcliffe, otherwise known as Harry Potter, boy wonder, naked. For months now, we've been bringing you news of his Equus stint in between his wizard sequels. The play, which was penned by Peter Schafer in 1973, details a psychiatrist dealing with a boy who has been blinding horses with a metal hoof pick -- based on true crime involving a boy mutilating horses. But the big buzz behind the story was that Radcliffe would have to strip down to his birthday suit (link NSFW) for the performance.

Obviously, we've wondered if he could pull it off, and whether the young man would be inextricably, forever linked to the popular wizard who made him famous. Well, it seems that he can now laugh in the face of naysayers. According to The Daily Mail, "The 17-year-old truly impressed with a bravura full-frontal display that earned him a standing ovation." While there is some work to be done -- the production over-ran by approximately 25 minutes -- the consensus is solid on Mr. Potter. But perhaps the best words that I've seen coming from the stage are courtesy of Ain't It Cool and Hughie*: "The guy spends a significant amount of time in the second act as naked as the day he was born but by this point the entire supporting cast from all four Harry Potter films could come on and perform an elaborate burlesque routine and you wouldn't care because Daniel Radcliffe has taken it beyond this." One is now making it beyond Rowling's world...what do you think will happen to the others?

*There are spoilers in his review about the Potter franchise, if you haven't kept up-to-date with the books.
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