To me the Rocky series feels a lot like walking down a small flight of steps: The further you go, the lower you get. The original is the underdog story benchmark that's been copied for about 30 years; the second one's a well-intentioned Xerox with a slick ending, the third one gets a little silly, the fourth is a feature-length, sweat-laden music video, and the fifth flick is a true junkpile. The hardcore Balboa freaks would often heartily disagree with this last opinion -- but now it seems that Rocko himself is in agreement with me.

In a recent interview with The Age, Sly Stallone had this to say about Rocky 5: "The fifth Rocky disappointed a lot of people, including myself ... I should have maybe directed it or re-written it. Whatever it was, it was just wrong. Across the board it misfired, and I take responsibility for that. To have made four good films and have the last one turn out so badly left a bad taste in my mouth. It just broke my heart." Yowch, take that, Rocky 5 director John G. Avildsen, you who won a Best Director Oscar for your work on the original Rocky. Zing!
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