eFilmCritic is getting a jump on SXSW -- the writers there, including our own Scott Weinberg, are already busy doing their annual SXSW Filmmaker Interviews. You can get a big jump on SXSW, which runs March 9-17 in Austin, Texas, by checking out the slew of stellar interviews they've already posted, including Elvis and Annabelle director Will Geiger, Audience of One director Michael Jacobs, Who Loves the Sun director Matthew Bissonnette, and Trigger Man director Ti West.

Each filmmaker gets emailed the same 22 questions -- queries like, "Describe your movie using the smallest number of words possible," and "What films and filmmakers have acted as your inspirations, be they a lifelong love or a very specific scene composition?" And then there's my personal fave, "Who's an actor you'd kill a small dog to work with? (Don't worry; nobody would know.)"

Also, be sure to check out the full SXSW schedule, and let us know which films you're most interested in seeing us review and which filmmakers you most want us to get up-close-and-personal with. We're going to have a crew of three -- Scott Weinberg, James Rocchi, and Jette Kernion -- covering SXSW for you from top-to-bottom, so speak and you shall be heard.

[ via Matt Dentler's Blog ]