Over at one of my regular reads, The Guardian, Ryan Gosling, former Mouseketeer-turned-Oscar-nominee, opens up about his Mormon childhood, the job he worked two summers ago in a convenience store ( "It was fun because I had a job where homeless people could tell me what to do.") and the trouble he caused at the Mouse House, when his antics caused the moms of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears to complain to Disney about him ("I just told them what I heard - like positions and stuff.")

The article also gets into what Gosling has planned next -- a story about child soldiers in Uganda called The Lord's Resistance, his relationship with Rachel McAdams (they famously hated each other on the set of The Notebook, now they're dating long-distance) and his thoughts on Half Nelson. Gosling seems rather surprised to be Oscar-nommed for the role of the crack-using middle school teacher -- he notes that , "I was" planning on being ostracised!" Read the full interview -- you might just learn a thing or two about Gosling you didn't know going in.
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