OK, yes, fine. I'll admit it: I like Resident Evil. There, I said it. Not the sequel, mind you, but the first one. Call it a guilty pleasure or good mindless fun, but I've revisited RE more than once over the years, and the goofy mayhem still holds up pretty well for me. The less said about Resident Evil: Apocalypse the better. And of course you know by now -- they're making a third one. This just-released teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction looks suitably slick, spooky and action-laden -- but then again so did the promo materials for the first sequel and ... I'm talking about Apocalypse again, aren't I? Sorry.

Part of the reason I have some fresh hope for this franchise is because producers Jeremy Bolt and Paul W.S. Anderson didn't give the reins to just another young music video hotshot. They actually went with a veteran in Russell Mulcahy, and that's the guy who directed Razorback, Highlander and Ricochet -- in addition to other (lesser) features. And yes, we're still being asked to buy wafer-thin (but stunningly gorgeous) Milla Jovovich as a high-end zombie butt-kicker. Like I said: good mindless fun. Resident Evil: Extinction opens on September 21.