2006 was a pretty excellent year for newcomer screenwriter Mark Fergus: He helped to bring the phenomenal Children of Men to the big screen (earning himself an Oscar nomination in the process), he got to make his directorial debut (with the upcoming First Snow), and (along with his writing partner Hawk Ostby) he snagged himself a sweet gig writing Jon Favreau's Iron Man. Not too shabby for a guy who's only other screen credit is a obscure Armand Assante thriller known as Consequence.

Amusingly-named website JewReview.net had a brief sitdown with Mr. Fergus in preparation for the release of First Snow, but of course the topic of conversation managed to focus on Iron Man for a at least a few minutes. The screenwriter seems genuinely thrilled with the choice of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony "Iron Man" Stark, and he spends a lot of time assuring us that Stark will be based in a very "human" place -- despite the fact that the character is actually a billionaire playboy who becomes a superhero after creating an indestructible suit of armor. Expect to hear more from the team of Fergus and Ostby some time soon; they're presently working on the long-awaited adaptation of John Carter of Mars over at Disney.

[ via IESB.net ]
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