All we have is a director and a leading lady, but it sure looks like we're due for another trip into Horror Remake Country. The actress is Brittany Snow, the director is Nelson McCormick, and the title is ... Prom Night. Yes, Prom Night, the horror flick that Jamie Lee Curtis did after Halloween and The Fog, but before Terror Train, Roadgames and Halloween 2. Yes, Prom Night, one of the only "modern" films in which you're asked to accept Leslie Nielsen as a normal human being. (Creepshow would be another.)

Sony's Screen Gems is the one behind this particular remake, and it's producer Neal Moritz who'll be coaxing Prom Night back to the silver screen. Mr. Moritz's most recent movies include Click, Stealth and xXx: State of the Union. Horror fans may know Moritz from titles like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends: Final Cut, I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer ... and Soul Survivors. Can't wait. Raise your hand if you think the new Prom Night will be a PG-13 affair. Sigh.

Seriously though -- have we learned nothing from the remakes of 13 Ghosts, The Amityville Horror, Black Christmas, The Fog, The Haunting, The Hitcher, House of Wax, House on Haunted Hill, The Omen, Psycho, When a Stranger Calls or The Wicker Man? What's that? Most of those lame-o remakes turned a profit? Oh. Then I guess we really have learned something...

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