SModcast is what it's called. S for Smith, M for Mosier, odcast for... well, podcast. Writer/director Kevin Smith and his longtime producer (often called "uber producer" by Smith) Scott Mosier have launched a weekly podcast in which they ramble on a wide variety of topics. The podcast is described thusly: "SModcast is the meandering palaver of a pair of dudes whose voices are so dull, they don't deserve to be on the radio (and, hence, aren't). Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are SModcast." Yeah, I had to look up "palaver" too.

Download and subscription info can be found over at Smith's Quick Stop Entertainment site, which is the modern incarnation of what was once If you've listened to any of the audio commentaries on Kevin Smith's DVDs, or maybe watched An Evening With Kevin Smith or An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder, you've probably figured out that Smith can be a pretty entertaining speaker. If you aren't familiar with Smith's work, then be advised he talks a blue streak, and if such things are likely to offend you then I advise you to stear clear, as do Smith and Mosier themselves, with the Quick Stop site carrying this warning: "SModcast features harsh language and even harsher notions of propriety. Listener discretion is advised."

This week marks their third webisode, and topics so far have covered the history and usage of the "C" word (and I don't mean carbuncle), the death of Anna Nicole Smith and how it affects them not in the least, the notion that child-birth should be a catered affair and how a man with ridiculously long arms saved the lives of some dolphins. Yes, look up the word "eclectic" after you've sought out "palaver" and you're likely to find the SModcast logo. The whole thing is a lot of fun, but the podcasts tend to lose some steam once a bit of minutiae has been beaten to death. Things are more interesting when Smith or Mosier relate a specific anecdote, like when Smith and Alanis Morissette were nearly mugged during the shooting of Dogma.
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