It seems that the interests of kids are changing just a little bit. This new, media-saturated age group (2-12) is no longer interested in the kiddie mainstays that we grew up with. The love for toys and all types of movie merchandise has been falling secondary to the digital realm of Internet websites, digital cameras and cell phones. This new generation has been named by marketers as KGOY -- "kids getting older younger." Perhaps it would better be defined as KAATA -- "kids actually acting their age." We seem to forget that Romeo and Juliet weren't old enough to drive, so maybe we're now hitting an era that isn't fast-tracking or stunting the maturity process.

Whatever the case, movie companies have a lot of merchandise re-jigging to do. According to Variety, things are very different now than a decade ago, when films like The Lion King could rake in huge merchandising bucks. These days, it seems that all of those fun toys that once appealed to the 8-10 year-old demographic -- action figures, dolls and stuffed animals -- are now getting bought by kids under 6. While the little folk head towards digital entertainment, sales on action figures went down a whopping 9%. According to an executive at Disney, it will come down to guessing future play patterns. So sure, there's some re-imagining to do on the toy front, but at the very least, it will mean less junk to be manufactured and then ripped apart through years of savage play. Besides, there's that whole adult, money-to-burn, toy-collecting demographic for manufacturers to focus on.