"Contraband" is all we're being told, but it looks like a member of Sylvester Stallone's entourage just got into some semi-serious trouble with the Australian authorities. At first it was just a case of some "banned substances" being removed from one of Sly's people, but a few days later the customs agents came knocking, and they wouldn't be satisfied before searching Stallone's hotel room and private plane. Reports indicate that while Sly was neither arrested nor forbidden from leaving Australia, officials were "still examining substances collected from Stallone's entourage."

Seems that Stallone was pretty open about the incident at first, but became more tight-lipped as the investigation went on. Speculation indicates that the contraband could be either drugs or one of those performance-enhancing concoctions. And I'm not talking about Viagra. (Any want to venture a guess as to what one of Stallone's pals was packing? Steroids? Marijuana? Perhaps it was a Betamax tape of Judge Dredd.) Otherwise, things continue to look up for Stallone -- February marks the shooting start of Rambo IV, now reportedly called John Rambo, and Stallone feels satisfied enough with the success of Rocky Balboa that he's been going around apologizing for how bad Rocky V was.

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