ThinkFilm, the distributor who brought indie films like The Aristocrats, Shortbus and F*ck to theaters, is obviously no stranger to controversy. The company has just announced its latest acquisition, worldwide distribution rights to the documentary Lake of Fire, which addresses a very divisive subject: abortion. Not only that, but the documentary is 2.5 hours long and black-and-white -- we're not talking about March of the Penguins here, in terms of box-office appeal. The film premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. I can't find many reviews of the film, but Variety and Hollywood Reporter both were favorable.

Lake of Fire was directed by Tony Kaye, whose last film was American History X in 1998 and who is now in negotiations to direct the Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson film Black Water Transit. He financed the filmmaking himself and claims to have spent 17 years working on the documentary, in order to capture all sides of the abortion issue. In fact, he's considering lengthening the film for a TV release, perhaps with a multi-part airing, to update and add more footage. ThinkFilm plans to screen Lake of Fire at festivals, then follow up with a platform release strategy starting in October in New York.
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