The story of the real life Terminator is gearing up towards production. Okay, it isn't really the story of a time-traveling cyborg, but it might as well be. Mark of the Lion, as the biopic is tentatively titled, tells the story of Charles Upham, a New Zealander who won the Victoria Cross twice during battle in WW2. He won them for basically being a human terminator -- no matter how many times he was shot or injured, he just kept going like an Energizer bunny.

The first came when getting hit with mortar fire twice, being skeletal and suffering dysentery didn't keep him from fighting and carrying other men to safety. The second -- after a machine gun bullet blew apart his elbow, he still fought on and was wounded again, ultimately becoming a prisoner of war, where he attempted to escape a number of times (one included him running 400 yards on a broken ankle), and was sent to an Oflag camp before being rescued.
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