In case you aren't as addicted to the Internet Movie Database as I, the website launched a new layout recently. The funny thing is that despite my constant use of the site, I can't recall what it used to look like. I really do have the worst memory in the world, apparently. All I know is that it looks very different and that it took me a few seconds longer to navigate this morning -- not that this is a problem with the design; I just need to get used to it. To help us all get used to it, and explain what is being done and why, the IMDb gives us this FAQ.

Without a perfect -- umm, normal -- memory, I can't completely identify the changes, but I'll try to point out what I notice (actually for the time being, you can format your preferences or click here so you see the old design). The promotion of Amazon, which is IMDb's parent company, is less obvious. The links on the left hand side are smaller (eye-damaging small). Links are no longer underlined. The user rating has moved. And there's some distracting golden buttons near the top of each film's page that seem to be an attempt to encourage more user interaction (message boards, trailers, etc.). I haven't been a fan of other recent renovations, such as the addition of photos to the left of cast listings and the increased size of the thumbnails of promo pics, so I'm disappointed that the new version is continuing in directions that I dislike. But I guess the changes are being made to match common usage and user testing results. Plus, my dissatisfaction isn't going to keep me away from the site, which is the best film reference tool ever created.

What do you think of the new layout?