In the tradition of the convenience store in Clerks, the record shop in Empire Records and the theme restaurant in Waiting comes ... the coffee house in Caffeine. Frankly I'm stunned that nobody came up with the "wacky ensemble comedy that takes place in a coffee house" before now, but here it is all the same. Just because this new trailer is packed with silly sex jokes, stupid scatology and infantile antics, don't mistake it for all those other movies. This one comes with British accents!

From director John Cosgrove (who once directed an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, so you know he's got skills) and first-time screenwriter Dean Craig comes a trailer that proves, once and for all, that the Brits can do poop humor with the best worst of the American actors. Starring several photogenic young folks (and a few familiar faces like Mena Suvari, Breckin Meyer and the adorable Katherine Heigl), Caffeine is set for a limited release on March 17. And most likely a quick trip to Walmart's $5.50 bin a few weeks later.