I did a double-take when, while reading a Sunday Telegraph story on Becoming Jane, the writer noted that the film was "opening next month." A quick check with IMDB confirms this -- the film opens in Britain in March and the U.S. in August -- the Brits are actually getting a six-month jump on a major film! (The writer has seen the film, and almost gives it a full review) For those Yankees who don't yet have this film on radar, it concerns a little-known period in Jane Austen's youth when she supposedly fell in love with an Irish lawyer named Tom Lefroy. Prada's Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy are the stars. In her interview with the paper, Hathaway talks about taking on the role of the iconic novelist: "The fact that she had an affair that ended badly was really very surprising," she says. "I was in love with her work, and from the moment I read the script I was really passionate about it."

Sounds like standard press junket talk, right? Luckily, Hathaway goes on to open up a little more about aggravations on what seems like a tough set. On doing an English accent: "This was my first big accent undertaking," she says. "There were certain days when it was so cold, and you're trying not to freeze to death and of course, me, I'm trying to do the accent and when it's cold it makes you very tight which can make your voice sound higher, and I started to sound a bit too much like myself and not at all like Jane. And after all that -- pardon my French -- f**cking accent work, about 80 percent of the dialogue in the film was unusable."

On the pressure: "The pressure of playing someone so beloved and of whom people are so fiercely protective was nerve-wracking. I've never been so exhausted as when I finished the movie. It took me about two months to regain my strength." On the weather again: The interviewer descrbes Hathaway arriving on set thusly: "'Can't you pay for good weather?' Hathaway yells as she emerges to shoot the country-fair scene in a period dress and Hunter wellies, an assistant trotting after her with a striped brolly." They better include this stuff on the DVD.

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