I remember when I got my one and only American Girl. Molly came to me as the embodiment of my grandmother, Mollie. However, since I had a thing for all things Swedish, Molly(ie) had an identity crisis and would often be dressed in Kirsten's Saint Lucia outfit. If you're not initiated in all things American Girl, it's a series of dolls that have been around from years now. Each doll embodies a specific era, and has books and outfits that go along with it. Molly, for example, is a "Patriotic girl during World War Two." In August, Erik Davis reported that Ann Peacock would be penning a script to bring one of the girls, Kit Kittredge, to the big screen.

Kit, a "resourceful girl during the Great Depression," is still going to receive feature treatment, but things are changing behind the scenes. While Peacock is still penning the script, Walden Media has backed out. HBO is taking over the helm, in a deal that gives the company complete access to all things American Girl, at least when it comes to media -- not only films, but also series, specials and documentaries. Production is set to heat up this summer, but no casting or release dates have been set. Considering the fact that Julia Roberts' Red Om Films is involved as a co-producer, I wouldn't be surprised if she -- or niece Emma Roberts, perhaps? -- slips in for one of the roles.
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