Though we don't know what it's called or what it's about, we do know who will star in Woody Allen's next film, which will be shot this summer in Barcelona, Spain. Variety tells us Javier Bardem has joined Penélope Cruz in the pic ... though Allen hasn't even finished the screenplay yet. I imagine Woody's conversation with Javier (if one actually occurred) went something like this: Woody (in his usual frantic tone): "You're in Spain and ... uhh ... you romance women because you look great, and that's wonderful ... uhh ... you know, Penelope is great -- it's not finished yet -- but you'd love it. Oh, there's a crime too! Kind of like every other film I've ever done, except it's in Spain, you get to speak Spanish ... uhh ... English too ... but that's all I have right now. So great. You'd be perfect."

Allen is currently editing Cassandra's Dream, which stars Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Michelle Williams. Following the light-hearted Scoop, Cassandra's Dream is supposedly a straight drama, closer in tone to Match Point than the comedies; if we're to keep tabs on the apparent pattern, that means this Untitled Spanish Project will be another comedy. And yes, that also means Woody will make an appearance. While in England, the director has produced one hit, one thud and one we're still waiting for. How do you think he will fare in Spain?

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