I know that Fox is all excited about their new line of direct-to-video B-movies, but surely they could dust off something better than Lake freakin' Placid, right? Directed by horror specialist Steve Miner and written by the horror-deficient David E. Kelley, Lake Placid came and went in the summer of 1999, thereby proving that pretty much nobody wanted to see a giant croc horror flick* starring Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda and Oliver Platt. (The thing grossed just over $31 million before apparently selling like hotcakes on DVD; otherwise I wouldn't be reporting the impending arrival of a DTV sequel.)

According to Moviehole, Fox is hoping that a giant croc horror flick starring John Schneider, Cloris Leachman and Chad Collins will do some solid business. To those of you who might be worried that this franchise might be headed in the wrong direction, fret not: The director is Dave Flores, and after seeing what he did with Boa vs. Python, I'm 100% certain that he's the guy to helm a Lake Placid sequel. Shot in Bulgaria, Lake Placid 2 will (of course) premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel some time this year before hitting the DVD shelves with an audible thud. And of course I'll be there to give it a rental.

( * Irony: When the horror fans got to the theater and sat down for Lake Placid, most were irked to learn that the flick was much more of a comedy than a horror movie. Not a strong balance like Slither or Tremors (or even Eight Legged Freaks), but a smug little forced-banter-fest not at all unlike Kelley's TV scripts.)
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