For a while you couldn't find it on DVD at all. And then MGM released a pretty solid (albeit annoyingly non-anamorphic) Phantasm DVD that sold for about ten bucks -- and then that DVD went out of print. So for a while there the horror freaks couldn't find a copy of Don Coscarelli's trippy horror masterpiece at ALL! But as Jeff Anderson told us a few weeks ago, Anchor Bay is coming to the rescue!

Arriving in DVD shoppes on April 10 is a full-bore (and, yes, anamorphic) "Anchor Bay Collection" Phantasm DVD, and while the extras sure do look pretty slick ... they also look like they were ported directly from the old MGM release! I could be mistaken, but it sure seems like if you already own the MGM version, the only upgrade this new platter offers is the new anamorphic transfer. Otherwise you already own the deleted scenes, the feature-length Phantasmagoria documentary, the promotional interviews and featurettes, the trailers and TV spots and the rather amusing audio commentary with Don Coscarelli, Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury and Angus "The Tall Man" Scrimm. But if you don't have that MGM disc, this one's an absolute keeper -- provided you enjoy movies with murderous spiky-balls, hulking morticians, undead fly-finger creatures, and pint-sized mutant slaves imprisoned in alternate dimensions. (Hmm, I might actually spin Phantasm again tonight...)
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