I thought about asking my little sister to predict the Oscars this year, for a change. Then I realized that with no Peter Jackson, George Clooney or Johnny Depp involved, she might not have many opinions. If you want a good Oscar experience with my sister, call her up during the ceremony and get her to dish on everyone's hair and outfits. But my little brother Stephen (who is 24 and taller than me, so I ought not to call him "little" anymore) is a true film geek. He lives in the New Orleans area, and it was difficult to track him down during this week's Mardi Gras festivities, but he couldn't wait to share his Oscar thoughts. Last year, my fanboy brother's Academy Award predictions weren't all that accurate, but you'd be hard pressed to find any more entertaining -- who else would lament the omission of Rachel McAdams and Mickey Rourke from the nominations?

I'm also tempted to remind him of his summer prediction that Invincible would suck, considering that he now owns the DVD and admits to having just watched the movie again. I'm pretty sure he revised his optimistic opinion on Superman Returns, too, as you might notice in the following list. As with last year's predictions, Stephen not only picked winners from the official nominations, but offered his opinions on what the real winners should have been. Some of his preferences seem to match my own Top Ten 2006 Films list, but I assure you I didn't influence him and was surprised to learn that we agreed on the best film of the year. The comments in brackets are mine; everything else is from my brother.

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