One of the first rules for an aspiring screenwriter is to never write a screenplay about vampires. I'm not sure why it's a rule or where it came from, but it's one I've heard time and time again ... even though Hollywood continues to pump out vampire flick after vampire flick. In an attempt to take hold of what went right with the Blade trilogy, as well as correct what went wrong, Phoenix Pictures and Mike De Luca Prods. have acquired Charlie Huston's novel Already Dead with an eye to adapt it for the big screen. Since it's the first book in a whopping five-book series, we're looking at yet another vampire-related franchise, should the first pic catch on. Huston's second novel in the series, No Dominion, just recently hit bookstores.

According to Variety, story includes all the blood-thirsty ingredients required to tell an entertaining vampire tale. Our main character is a vampire/private detective who's hired by a socialite to find her missing daughter. However, along the way he must battle a vicious virus that's transforming the city's vampires into man-eating zombies. Vampires, zombies and the perfect role for Clive Owen -- does it get any better than that? How about I tell you the guy who penned Kangaroo Jack is writing the script? Now, doesn't that have you all giddy with anticipation? To be fair, Scott Rosenberg did a wonderful job adapting High Fidelity for the big screen, but he's also responsible for such gems as Con Air and Gone in Sixty Seconds. Hmm, Nicolas Cage as a vampire private detective with an odd twitching problem? I can see it. Can you?

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