It's not the greatest teaser in the world, but Simon Pegg jogging half a block in his underwear (I think those were underwear?) was enough to pique my interest in Run Fat Boy Run, David Schwimmer's feature directorial debut. Pic, which hits theaters sometime this year, now has its first teaser trailer up on YouTube ... and if you like Simon Pegg -- lots and lots of Simon Pegg -- then you'll most likely dig the thing. In the film, Pegg plays an overweight man who drops the pounds and signs up for a marathon in order to win back the woman he left at the altar ten years prior.

Sadly, we do not get Simon Pegg in a fat suit yet; I'm not even sure he wears one in the film. In fact, based on this teaser, you'd have no idea the character was fat, or was eager to win back his lost love. Sure, it's pretty clear he's training for something (and that aforementioned underwear scene was pretty silly), but we have no clue what he's training for or why. Since it's just a teaser (and a long one at that), we'll cut the film some slack -- after all, the joke certainly comes across. Yes, he's really skinny ... but the film is called Run Fat Boy Run. And then you're supposed to laugh, dig up your old Friends DVDs and Thank God for David Schwimmer's existence.

Geez Erik, don't be so rough. I'm not being rough, and one of the things I'm definitely stoked about is the fact that Michael Ian Black wrote the screenplay. The State, anyone? Stella? Took him long enough to make it to the big screen, but knowing he wrote it means we're in for a different -- and more subtle -- type of comedy. Which I love. Which we need more of. I won't run, but I shall -- at the very least -- walk to stand in line once the film comes out. How about you?