All we have to go on thus far is an updated release date schedule at Box Office Mojo and a Fox-confirmed report over at, but it sure as hell looks like Fox has claimed May 9 of next year for a movie called The Day the Earth Stood Still. Yep, another big-budget sci-fi remake, not at all unlike Spielberg's War of the Worlds, that really rotten Time Machine foul-up, or that re-do of When Worlds Collide that Stephen Sommers keeps threating to create.

We have no casting news, no director to announce ... heck, this remake isn't even listed at the IMDb yet. But BOM is a very reliable source, plus did get a confirmation from the studio, so I guess it's time to start shaking our virtual fists and chatting away on message boards about how The Day the Earth Stood Still is a mega-supreme ultra-classic that doesn't "need" to be remade ... except of course in the arena of commerce. Any guesses, folks? For director I'll speculate ... Alex Proyas? Francis Lawrence? Paul W.S. Anderson? (Just kidding.) Heck, I have no idea. Too bad Spielberg's got his plate full, eh? (More info on this remake as the Cineteam uncovers it!)
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