Our pals over at Commanderbond.net -- you'll be seeing a lot more of them on Cinematical soon -- are linking to an interesting and somewhat odd interview with Timothy Dalton on the BBC morning show 'This Morning.' The hosts begin the Dalton segment by having Dalton watch extended clips of The Living Daylights and License to Kill, and then commenting that "you were watching that very intently," as if trying to evoke some kind of nostalgic response from the poor guy. Next, they ask him for a comment on Daniel Craig's take on the role, which he's more than happy to give. "I think he's great -- I think the movie,Casino Royale, is terrific," he says. "It's a huge leap forward, and I like him a lot. I tried [his emphasis] to bring the movies back to something that was more like Ian Fleming and he's gone further, and I love that."

Then -- this is the odd part -- the interviewer compares Dalton's Bond and Daniel Craig's Bond favorably and states that "history has been very kind" to Dalton's interpretation. It has? Of course I know that some people swear by Timothy Dalton's two Bond films, but I think it would be a big stretch to say that either of those films were roaring successes, or that they are undergoing some kind of critical renaissance. Does Dalton think his performance was 'ahead of its time?' "Well, everybody has their own point of view. You can't expect everyone to agree. I'm happy with what I did. I'm very pleased, you know, so what else can I say?" After that, the interviewers quickly get on to the business at hand, Dalton's role in the upcoming film, Hot Fuzz.

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