She may have been known as LonelyGirl 15 (aka FraudGirl 19), but make-up artist-turned-actress Jessica Rose is far from lonely these days. That's because a little publicity stunt -- in which she posed as a small town 15-year-old who shared her life with the world via a webcam -- has transformed Rose into a personality a lot of us are vaguely interested in ... for some odd reason. Case in point: Rose has landed a part opposite Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me. (Or, perhaps, we should start calling it, "That Film Which Stars Those Two Girls Who Wouldn't Be Famous if it Weren't For Their Ridiculous PR Stunts.")

Though we're not sure which character she'll be playing (one of Lohan's lonely friends?), Rose informed fans (sorry, but how on earth does this girl have fans when her entire celebrity status was based on a lie?) on her MySpace page that she recently shot her first scenes with Lohan, and confirmed the actress was not as bad as the press makes her out to be. Says Rose, "In my opinion she seemed very sweet and funny and absolutely beautiful!" Well, in my opinion, Rose is now the one being fooled. In the thriller, Lohan plays a girl who is kidnapped, rescued, then claims her long lost twin sister is still being held captive. On the surface, it seems like a stretch for the young actress -- but with all her real-life multiple personalities, something tells me Lohan will shine in the role.

[via Moviehole]

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