Sting of the Police

I have to admit ... while I am a fan of certain Police songs -- and I definitely had a moment in the 7th grade when I actually owned a Police record and listened to it regularly -- I think Sting is really pretty annoying. And I'm not excited at all about a Police reunion. In fact I feel taken advantage of. Sting is just weird ... in a 'South Park' way. He's weird to me the way Yanni or Fabio are weird. And I resent (a little) having to sit through his awful performance.

Generally, I think band reunions just suck. They shouldn't be allowed; they (reunions) are wrong, and in so many ways just not fair. Once a band breaks up, for whatever reason ... they should stay that way. The problem is that we (the public) allow this to happen. And we allow it in a way that we wouldn't allow for any other artist. I mean, what if Leonardo Da Vinci decided, 15 years after he painted the original, to repaint the Mona Lisa? The public would cry, "Haven't you got anything new?" Or what if a designer decided suddenly to just put out one of his old collections again, because it was popular the first time. We would cry: "BULLSHIT!"

But the worst part about the Police reunion to me is the message it sends to other bands of the same ilk. That maybe it's OK for them to get back together. Holy crap ... can you imagine? What if some of the Police's contemporaries from back in the day suddenly appeared together? Ha!! Huey Lewis and the News, Dexys Midnight Runners, The J. Geils band, Toto. What a mess we would have on our hands, you know? I say, if you want to be around in 15 years then you have to stay in the game for 15 years. You have to stay together, and relevant, and touring and proliferating. Playing only in Vegas doesn't count. You have to stay IN THE GAME. Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers for instance ...