Over on Jill Hill Media, the always controversial (and often humorous) Jim Hill talks about how Disney has gone "franchise-crazy," looking to milk sequels out of pretty much every project currently in development or being considered. Following the success of The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (which, when it's all said and done, will probably turn into at least six Pirate-related films), Disney is scoping out their existing films, as well as other larger-than-life properties that come with the extra special (and all-too-important) built-in audience, in order to see which ones have franchise potential.

Hill says Disney's next big franchise could come out of The Prince of Persia video game series. Partnering up once again with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, the games certainly provide them with a built-in audience; a crucial component in any successful franchise. Hill also claims the first Persia flick will most likely be Disney's big Summer 2008 pic. Oh, but they're not stopping there -- along with a possible Enchanted sequel and three more Narnia pics, Disney is looking to take Bruckheimer's other series, National Treasure, for a ride on the franchise train; apart from the upcoming sequel, Disney might be interested in a third and fourth installment. (Not for nothing, but the first National Treasure didn't blow me away -- here's hoping Bruckheimer has something special planned for the sequel ... or else the subsequent films will most likely be a waste of time and money.)

What do you think about The Prince of Persia? Does it have the legs (and the audience) to become Disney's next big franchise? We all know a large gaming audience doesn't necessarily translate to big box office dollars, and that's probably one of the many reasons why Halo was abruptly shut down. Thoughts?

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