My good pal Ed Havens over at FilmJerk recently pointed me towards an Oscar piece that was so interesting, I knew I had to share it with the Cinereaders. Using a really interesting variety of qualifiers, Edward was able to offer some rather compelling possibilities as to how the awards might come out. By going back and poring over the Oscar stats from yesteryear, for example, he says Martin Scorsese is damn near a lock to get his trophy this year. (Finally!)

It's all a little too complicated and number-centric for a guy like me to fully understand, but by figuring out how often a Best Picture winner was also nominated for {best director, best screenplay, best editing, etc.}, it gives us a clearer indication as to who might bring home the gold this year. And these guys didn't stop at Best Picture, either. The stat-crunching goes on to semi-predict who'll reign supreme in all the big races, including actors, director, editors, art directors, and so on. So if you're participating in an Oscar pool this year and you need some substantial stats to back up your picks, this is one article you have to check out before Sunday night.