Former British soccer superstar Paul Gascoigne (known to his fans as Gazza) will be starring in Final Run, a $2.5-million dollar film in which he will play a survivor of an alien invasion. Stephen James Bland, a representative for SjB Imperial Film, the London-based company that is producing the movie, told Variety that the flick is "something akin to Aliens meets Black Hawk Down." Bland goes on to describe the film as "character-driven and no mindless shoot-'em-up," and says that Gascoigne (whose official website can be seen here) was attracted to the project because of his love of classic British science fiction films like 1962's The Day of the Triffids (though I hasten to point out that the 1981 made for TV remake is a more satisfying adaptation of John Wyndham's novel).

Also appearing in the film will be Lois Winstone, daughter of actor Ray Winstone who played Mr. French in The Departed and voiced Mr. Beaver in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Gascoigne and Bland will produce the film along with Lionel Hicks and Jordan Kotras. The screenplay has been written by published poet Phillippa Juul. According to Variety, few soccer players have been able to parlay their fame on the field into a successful film career. Further complicating matters may be Gascoigne's recent problems with addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder. Shooting will begin this summer in the U.K.
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