While the name Jonathan Kesselman doesn't ring many bells, his Hebrew Hammer should. While not an epic feat of comedy cinema, the movie was pretty entertaining. 100% Kosher superhero, Mordechai Jefferson Carver (Adam Goldberg) joined with Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal (Judy Greer) and Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim (Mario Van Peebles) to save Hanukkah from Santa Clause's evil son, Damian. Honoring Blaxploitation movies, the certified circumsized dick floats around in a sea of cool that only his mother can truly shake and berate.

But don't expect the same sort of goofy comedy from his next feature project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kesselman is taking a radical diversion from Hammer. He has signed on to adapt Glenn Frank's recent debut novel, Abe Gilman's Ending, which the pair will produce through Kesselman's Worldwide Media Conspiracy. The book centers on Gilman, a wheelchair-bound man and widower who would rather die than spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. Things begin to change when a new patient gathers help from the residents for a historical project. This is intermixed with the story of Elie, a boy in 1948 who wants to learn what happened to his father -- a German Jew who sent his family to safety while staying behind. It's obviously a large change for the director. Do you think he can pull it off?
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