Forest Whitaker

[Ed. note: Here are Jay Kornegay's final predictions before the ceremony on Sunday night. Don't use them for betting or wagering, but also, don't forget to join Moviefone's giant Oscar pool!]

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Forest Whitaker, 'The Last King of Scotland' (Open: 6-5) (Current: 2-5)
Leonardo DiCaprio, 'Blood Diamond' (Open: 3-1) (Current: 6-1)
Peter O'Toole, 'Venus' (Open: 6-1) (Current: 5-1)
Ryan Gosling, 'Half Nelson' (Open: 8-1) (Current: 12-1)
Will Smith, 'The Pursuit of Happyness (Open: 10-1) (Current: 10-1)
** Run Forest Run! It looks like Whitaker can start walking now with the lead he has built. Peter has started to collect some of his expected sentimental votes but not enough to be a legitimate threat.