While Ryan Murphy'sRunning with Scissors wasn't the most beloved piece of cinema to come out recently, he's had his share of TV success. He wrote most of the episodes to the doomed-yet-loved series Popular, and more recently he's been penning his heart out on Nip/Tuck. Undaunted by the less-than-stellar response to Scissors, he's already got the Kidman/Watts flick, Need, and the star-studdedDirty Tricks on the pike. Apparently, he isn't busy enough, and it appears that he's going to be taking on another media name, one a bit more wide-spread -- the master of mystery, Alfred Hitchcock.

According to Hollywood Elsewhere, Murphy will be directing Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which details the hurdles and roadblocks the iconic director had to go through to make his popular classic, Psycho. (While it wouldn't make most of us blink an eye these days, the director had to struggle to make something so dark and violent during the time of Donna Reed.) But that's not all -- rumors are also circulating about the cast. It seems that Anthony Hopkins, who has already taken on the likes of other visionaries such as Pablo Picasso and Leo Tolstoy, might star as Hitchcock, and Helen Mirren might co-star as his wife and collaborator, Alma Reville.

This could be great, or a big waste of time. Murphy has had questionable feature success thus far, the Psycho remake was terrible and similar projects have struggled (RKO 281). Do we want to see Hitchcock's behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations, or is this Psycho story best left in the past?

[via Chud]
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