If you tense up at just the mere glimpse of a clown, then the new poster for the slasher flick 100 Tears probably isn't going to help you get over that fear. Fangoria was given a first look at the teaser poster for the film from associate producer Ted Geoghegan (Barricade). If, however, you laugh in the face of creepiness then feel free to enjoy the image of a clown covered in gore front and center. According to Geoghegan, the killer (or the spooky clown in the poster),"is not a typical 'killer clown,' and we did not make a killer-clown film. Gurdy's a tortured soul, a bloodsoaked Pagliacci of sorts. 100 TEARS is about the man behind the makeup, and the horrors that turned him into the monster he is today."

Directed by Marcus Koch, the film follows two tabloid reporters investigating a notorious serial killer. Since this is a slasher film, you can probably guess what happens to them next. Joe Davidson wrote the script and Raine Brown stars as one of the reporters. Set to debut later this year, it's doubtful the movie will get a wide release. I will say this for the movie; "Everybody loathes a clown..." is a tag line that certainly sums it up.
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