It's worth it to pay attention to the films that receive money through the U.K. Film Council's £12 million Development Fund. It's helped Shopgirl's Anand Tucker make his upcoming Cannes 2007 debut, And When Did You Last See Your Father? -- a father/son drama about poet Blake Morrison. It also helped to make Andrea Arnold's Red Road, the film about the spy cam operator whose troubling past merges with her monitoring job. (You might remember James Rocchi's rave review of it from Cannes.) U.K. productions aren't the big Hollywood productions with oceans of money -- this year the Council has awarded £115,000 ($224,000) -- however, the quality is sure to be comparable.

The luckiest film of the bunch is a spy satire called Blowback, which scored a whopping £62,500. The film was written by Rupert Walters, who penned the 1995 Robert Downey Jr. movie, Restoration, and an episode of the British series MI-5. However, when you get to the other awardees, the amount drops considerably. The next highest goes to Fizzle, which picked up a considerably smaller £21,000 for an animated series about a tomboy fairy. (It is being produced by Cosgrove Hall, the place that brought us Danger Mouse.) James Henry's debut feature, Hero Trip, comes in next with £17,500. The film is about an All-American superhero who takes a road trip with The Annihilator, his archenemy. And lastly, Sam Walker and Rob Morgan's Bad Dog won £13,800, to tell the story of a man who is kidnapped by a crazy French family and made their pet dog. Each sounds like much lighter fare than the predecessors I have mentioned, so it would probably be safe to say that these films won't have the critical acclaim of Red Road, but maybe they'll pack a solid, comedic punch.