If there's one thing we've learned over the past two years, it's that Jennifer Aniston does not want anyone to see her topless. And, if somehow a picture of her topless should pop up (or out), there's a good chance someone is being sued. Back in 2005, Aniston won a suit against a celebrity photographer who snapped pics of her sunbathing topless on her deck. Now, the infamous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has come under fire for posting a stolen topless photo of Aniston from a scene that was not included in The Break-Up. (I take it said scene is also not available as one of the deleted scenes on the DVD. Too bad ... I'm sure it was pivotal to the plot.)

This time, it is not Aniston who is going after the blogger; instead, the big boys are coming to bat -- Universal City Studios Productions LLLP is suing Perez Hilton (or Mario Lavandeira) for posting "all or parts of the stolen footage from the motion picture on his Web site," claiming copyright infringement. Not only that, but Universal wants the U.S Marshall to take the picture back, they demand a jury trial (so that MSNBC can cover the thing non-stop) and they want monetary damages ... because -- I don't know -- Perez happened to draw a lot more attention toward the film, and, subsequently, I'm sure a slew of folks rented the flick for whatever perverted personal reasons they might have had.

But is Universal going a little too far with this? Is this a "statement" lawsuit, sending out word to bloggers everywhere that leaked (or stolen) film stills will carry a hefty price for those who publish them online? How is this different from any other stills leaking out, and the studio simply asking that they be taken down? Jury trial? Monetary damages? U.S. Marshall? Is it just me, or is someone really out to get Perez Hilton?

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