Just when you thought movement on Wes Anderson's planned adaptation of The Fantastic Mr. Fox had grinded to a halt, word has leaped out that casting is now underway with none other than George Clooney and Cate Blanchett in talks to voice the lead characters. This will mark Anderson's first time dabbling with animation, as Mr. Fox will be all stop-motion -- utilizing a lot of the same techniques (as well as the same London location) as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. I'm sorry, but how can you not be excited about this? It's literally impossible!

If you read any books as a kid, there's a good chance The Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of them; Roald Dahl's classic story revolves around a clever fox forced to outwit three moronic farmers who are out to hunt down Mr. Fox and his family. If all the pieces fit into place, Clooney will voice Mr. Fox and Blanchett, his wife. No word yet on the three farmers, but I'd expect some familiar Anderson collaborators (Owen Wilson? Bill Murray? Luke Wilson? Jason Schwartzman?) to pop up somewhere down the line. Currently, Anderson is editing his next film, The Darjeeling Ltd., in New York, and will shift over to Mr. Fox's universe once he's wrapped there. Look for Darjeeling to hit theaters this winter, with Mr. Fox arriving at some point in 2008.

For those of you who are big Wes Anderson fans (myself being one of them), how do you think his quirky sense of humor will translate in an animated world?

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