Unlike this coming Sunday's Oscar contest, there was actually quite a bit of suspense in naming the Best Insert Captioner winners this week for Half Nelson. Vegas oddsmakers were baffled: Would LanceMan finally get that Insert Caption title that's eluded him so long? Would the young and suave SnowLeopard be able to steal enough votes from the geriatric sector? And why is everybody so damn obsessed with Shareeka Epps' cornrows?

Check out who won a copy of the Half Nelson DVD, plus a poster signed by Ryan Gosling, below. (We'd ask them to make acceptance speeches but we hear the orchestra playing already.) Then give us your best caption for this week's Oscar installment of Insert Caption, featuring a pic from Christopher Guest's awards-frenzy satire For Your Consideration. Our top three winners will win a copy of the DVD, not to the mention the respect of Hollywood. And then no matter what happens in your career, you'll always be able to say that YOU won an Insert Caption Award. No one can take that away from you. Not even if you star in a movie like Boat Trip.

Half Nelson1. "I wonder how long it will take before she realizes I'm sleeping."
-- Brian M

2. "Um... no... what makes you think I'm sniffing glue?" -- Arvin M

3. "No, no. This is for the street cred. 'Notebook' was for the
money..." -- Lance G

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This week's contest:

For Your Consideration


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