It seems Teri Polo wasn't lying last month when she said there would be another sequel to Meet the Parents. Here, I thought she was just making up stuff in the hopes Universal would agree that a third installment is a good idea. She definitely needs the job more than the rest of the franchise's cast. In fact, I bet she's hoping for a television spin-off (on which she'd be the only actor to follow her part to the tube, I'm sure). Anyway, it is true. Universal is moving ahead with Little Fockers.

The sequel, which follows the comical next step by featuring children, was confirmed with the studio's renewing of its contract with Robert DeNiro's and Jane Rosenthal's Tribeca Productions, which will produce the movie. Jay Roach will be returning to the franchise as director and Larry Stuckey is set to write the script. Obviously Polo, DeNiro, Ben Stiller, and Blythe Danner will all have to return, possibly joined by Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand. And no Fockers movie is complete without a visit from Owen Wilson.

Unlike a lot of people, I hated Meet the Parents but really enjoyed Meet the Fockers, mostly due to Hoffman though for other reasons as well. I'm pretty positive that I would not like this third movie, though, because I feel like I already know every joke it will include. I could do without any more first-time diaper change gags, thank you. Anyway, didn't the second movie already feature enough kiddie comedy? Still, I'm very glad they're making this. My mother absolutely loves the first two and I'm sure she'll love another. And anything that makes Mom happy makes me happy.
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