Finally, Matthew McConaughey has nabbed a part that's perfect for him. For those of you who aren't all too aware, McConaughey likes to spend his off time hanging around beaches, romancing random women and, basically, living the "high" life. So, it's only fitting that he should sign up to play the lead role in a film called Surfer Dude. Production Weekly reports the long-haired hottie bachelor will star in the pic ... however, no plot description was given. Though, with a title like that, do we really need one?

Right now, McConaughey is busy filming Fool's Gold; an action adventure flick that reunites him with Kate Hudson (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). Directed by Andy Tennant, Fool's Gold looks and feels like 1984's Romancing the Stone ... except, this time, the couple is already married. According to IMDb, the actor also has three other films lined up (not including Surfer Dude), so we're not sure whether he'll be riding waves next or visiting the ghosts of his past girlfriends (which, honestly, kind of freaks me out -- how does a young guy have so many dead girlfriends?).

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