In a spot-on deal, New Line has grabbed Neil Jordan for his writing and directorial talents. After adapting and helming Breakfast on Pluto, he is now rewriting the fantasy crime thriller, Killing on Carnival Row. The film comes from the 2005 acquisition of a spec from Travis Beacham, who last penned Dog Days of Summer. According to Variety, the film is set in a fantastical Victorian city that houses humans, faeries, elves and vampires, and is about a detective hunting down a serial killer. IMDb's blurb, however, is a bit racier, dealing with drug dealing vamps and faerie hookers. After he fixes up the script, Jordan will direct the feature and it seems like a perfect fit to me. He's already dealt with vampires with Interview, and he has also dealt with crime and real-life with films like The Crying Game. As long as he tries to make it seem realistic, and doesn't have the detective hopping on a dragon, to commute from place to place, we should be good.

Next comes the incredibly confusing director, Mark S. Waters, who brought us the indie gem, The House of Yes, as well as more fluffy, grating fare like Head Over Heels and Just Like Heaven. The director is in final negotiations to direct Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, the Matthew McConaughey movie that Erik told us about in June. I imagine that this film will be like Waters more less-intriguing films, as Ghosts is about a bachelor who attends his younger brother's nuptials and is visited by the ghosts of past girlfriends, kind of like Scrooge meets Failure to Launch. The script was penned by Scott Moore and John Lucas, the men that brought us the blockbuster, shocking, unforgettable hit, Rebound. In case you didn't notice, I don't have high hopes... unless Waters channels his quirky, earlier days, and McConaughey re-discovers his inner, long-lost Wooderson.
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