Stephen Dorff confuses me. He's done some work that I love, whether we're talking years ago with The Power of One, taking on Candy Darling for I Shot Andy Warhol or Waters movie mayhem like Cecil B. Demented. However, he's also a part of better-off-forgotten flicks like Deuces Wild and FeardotCom. He's one of those actors who is never completely written off, yet no one is expecting greatness either. What will become of his latest film? Well, that remains to be seen -- although most of his success is usually in idiosyncratic roles.

The actor's upcoming The Passage was penned by Neil Jackson, who played Marcus Van Sciver in the Blade television series. The thriller is about an American man who falls in love with a Moroccan woman, and finds out that his forbidden romance could prove deadly. Dorff stars along with Jackson, Israeli actress and model Sarai Givati (who recently made a guest appearance on CSI) and Khalid Benchagra, a Moroccan television star. A low-budget film (less than $5 million) financed by Silverwood Films, Passage is the cinematic directorial debut for British theater director Mark Heller. If you're hungry for more Dorff before this film hits the screen, you might be able to see him in prime-time this fall. He's got a television pilot on the pike from The Queen director, Stephen Frears. Called Skip Tracer, the CBS pilot is about a charming man who finds missing people for clients in Los Angeles.
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