With increasing frequency, short films are connecting themselves with women's magazines -- at least, the shorts that cater to fashion, boyfriends and beauty are. Glamour Magazine has been in the game for a bit, grabbing big-name women like Jennifer Aniston and Robin Wright Penn for their Reel Moments series. While it might seem strange at first, it makes sense. Women's magazines love media bites and celebrities, and short films deliver both. In September, Erik Davis brought word that Elle was stepping on the bandwagon with Julia Stiles, who directed a short called Raving.

Now Elle has released a trailer for the short, which will premiere on the Sundance Channel on May 8, at 8:30 PM. Raving is the story of a girl (Zooey Deschanel) who is desperate and searching for money in NYC, and the lonely older man (Bill Irwin) who hires her to clean his home. The man is a widower, and in a bit of poor judgment the girl puts on a dress that belonged to his wife. Instead of getting angry, the man seems to use her to relive the past. This changes the girl's life, because, as Elle's byline for the film states: "Sometimes a dress can change your life." It looks like it is supposed to be a feel-good sort of film, but I don't see how that premise can be anything but creepy. However, it's got Zooey, and she excels at bringing extra quirk and depth to what could be superficial or run-of-the-mill.